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Show Homes is a service we offer above all to Multiple Landlords, Promoters and Realtors who have various properties to sell or to rent. Everybody knows the importance of having a show home set up, so that potential clients, whether to buy or to rent, can see how the home could be for them. And if the client likes the display, we would be more than delighted to rent.

Advantage of Furniture Rental

The advantages of furniture rental are undeniable:

No high initial outlay of capital, as your rental is paid month by month.
No lengthy commitment, as you set the expected duration from the start. The longer the commitment, the lower the cost.
No problems disposing of the furniture when you don't require it any more.
A tax deductible, monthly invoice.
You can rent for a minimum of 1 month or for as long as your stay in Italy.

Additional advantages:

With Italy Furniture Rental, any home can become a furnished home for as long as you need and with what you need.
Choosing a home becomes easier as with furniture rental, you can choose exactly what furniture to put in your new home rather than having to make do with what the landlord provides.
With Italy Furniture Rental you can move in on day 1 and live comfortably until your shipment arrives.
Renting is less expensive, and easier, than buying furniture.
We offer flexible pricing and many furniture option.
Tax deductible
You do business with an established, efficient, friendly, customer oriented company

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you.

You can always contact us to find out more or if you have a problem.

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